Castles to the Sky


A visit to astronomical observatories from 3000 BC to the future and what they teach us each step of the way, Castles to the Sky shows the cultures and individuals who looked into the heavens to unravel its mysteries, and the relationship of the universe to life on earth. Castles is an immersive visual experience seen through the eyes and minds of astronomers, exploring out to the most distant edges of the universe and back to the beginning of time.

Produced by Trifid Films for the University of Louisville's Rauch Planetarium.

DVD, 35 minutes, color.

© 2004 Trifid Films

Rauch Planetarium

In the words of the filmmakers themselves, the central question that must be posed is: How have we come to know WHAT we know about the universe? "Castles to the Sky" by no means answers this question, but it does a damn stylish job of getting the ball rolling. -- Paul Kopasz, LEO

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DVD includes

  • Widescreen and Extreme Widescreen Versions of Castles to the Sky
  • Chapter Menu
  • Credits

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