St. Therese Mass

One Hundred Years a Parish

St. Therese Lisieux Parish
1906 - 2006

Centennial Celebration

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Four hundred people, including current and former parishioners, gathered in St. Therese Church on October 1, 2006, for a Mass celebrating the parish's 100th anniversary.

Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly presided at the liturgy, and concelebrants were Father Roy Stiles, pastor, and Father Robert Gray, associate pastor, and four priests who have served at the parish: Fathers Charles Batcheldor, John Eifler, William Brennan and Thomas Boland, who delivered the homily.

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DVD includes

  • The St. Therese Mass in its entirety, and scenes from the parish-wide photo shoot and banquet.
  • Over one hundred still images provided by St. Therese parishioners from the past one hundred years and photographs of the mass by Pat Pfister.
  • All images as DVD-ROM content, meaning they are available for viewing and printing on any computer with a DVD drive.

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Centennial Celebration

St. Therese Lisieux Parish: Centennial Celebration

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