The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster

20th Anniversary Edition
Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound

"A monster, a hideous half-man, half-sheep mutation whose hypnotic powers are so intense that he lures you out onto the tracks and into his eyes..."

Such are the stories that have captured the imaginations of Louisville teenagers for three generations. Stories that have lured youths to the Pope Lick trestle in search of a dare, a thrill, a place to drink, an opportunity to scare a date or a friend.

A legend kept alive only by word of mouth - confirmed by the excitable and credulous minds of adolescents and emphasized by the ominous presence of a 100-foot high railroad trestle.

One crisp, October evening finds Clancy, Ben and Katie on a quest - for excitement, for beer, for danger, and a rendezvous with...the Sheepman!

DVD, 16 minutes, black and white.

© 1989/2008 Germantown Films

It undermines our efforts on behalf of safety when movies like this are made. -- spokesman for Norfolk Southern Corp.

I think it sends the wrong message. The more I see the film, the more I'm convinced of that. -- attorney for Norfolk Southern Corp.

It seems like they were having fun there the way they were cavorting around. -- a Brown School sophomore

It's just not real life. It's about as real as all the guns and violence you see on TV. -- spokesman for Norfolk Southern Corp.

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DVD includes

  • The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster digitally remastered video and sound
  • English subtitles
  • Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound audio
  • Scripts
  • Outtakes
  • Slideshows (200 images of newspapers, letters, storyboards, the trestle and the Sheepman)
  • "Reddneck," the music video (using never-seen-before-footage)
  • The Pope Lick Monster in the news (television and newspaper clips)
  • Watch the storyboards with the movie
  • Commentary by Ben Allgeier, Clancy Dixon & Ron Schildknecht

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Uptown Theatre, Louisville - Premiere
Ann Arbor Film and Video Festival
Kentucky Educational Television Film and Video Festival
Horror Film and Video Festival, Louisville Visual Art Association
Manhattan Public Access, Channel J, New York



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