“Children without a Voice” is a short film screened during a live performance of Maurice Ravel's Apothéose: Le Jardin féerique (Apotheosis: The Fairy Garden) by the Louisville Orchestra on January 25 and 26, 2019.
Maurice Ravel held a genuine warmth for children. He composed his Mother Goose Suite for two young pupils whose parents were artists. The final movement of the suite, The Fairy Garden, represents the moment in Sleeping Beauty when the princess gradually awakens after her long slumber. 
In Children Without a Voice, a refugee child becomes entrapped in a deep sleep. She is a victim of Resignation Syndrome, a disease that has afflicted over two hundred refugee children in Sweden. These children fall into an unresponsive physical state for months or even years when their families are denied asylum and face deportation. The children emerge from their deep sleeping illness only when they understand that their families are safe and have gained permanent residence in Sweden.
Sleeping Beauty
Carmen Tate

Julie Leskiv

Joey Arena

Roman Tate

Family Friend
Lucia Clark

Robin Burke

Rolan Whitt

School Friends
Viktoria Leskiv
Cameron Wade

Writer and Director
Ron Schildknecht

Production Designer
Meghan Glasper

Assistant Production Designer
Flora Schildknecht

Assistant Director
Hannah Goodwin

Paul Perez
Ron Schildknecht

Steadicam Operator
Paul Perez

Ron Schildknecht

With Gratitude
Amy Broyles

Amy Cody

Dancers Center for Training
Beth Hall

Victor Glasper

Dr. Elisabeth Hultcrantz

Kentucky College of Art & Design
Lori Larusso
Moira Scott Payne

Louisville Orchestra
Teddy Abrams

Aldy Milliken

Norton Healthcare
Randy Hamilton
Doug Bartholomew
Karl Danielson
Elise Fassler
Neil Feldmeier
Keith Polston
Paula Sheets

Whitney Perry

Flora Schildknecht

Leslie Tate

Village Manor Apartments
Beth Crouser 

Megan Wade
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