Fragments of a German American Mind: The Films of Konrad Mueller is a curated collection of eight works both about and by filmmaker Konrad “Konnie” Mueller, shot over the past thirty years. The exhibition—which mixes dramatic and documentary film, interviews, and archival photography—reflects Mueller’s own experiences growing up in a German-American community and his German American family history. 
Presented in a variety of formats ranging from digital video projection, high definition video display, 360° video viewed on a virtual reality headset, and 16mm film presented on Moviola and Moviescop viewers, this collection explores the meaning of home and the enduring allure of investigating one’s own ancestry. 
“A rare gallery exhibit consisting entirely of film and video, Fragments of A German American Mind is a Meta examination of identity and the inherent egocentrism in contemporary art.” —Keith Waits, Arts-Louisville
16mm film and digital video, 84 minutes, color and black and white
© 2017/2019 Germantown Films
All films in their entirety from the exhibition 
Scenes from the cutting room floor
28-page full color exhibition catalogue 
Channel A – Konnie’s Story
16mm Film, Digital Video
Video Projection, Speakers
7 minutes
Channel B – Early Germantown Studies
16mm Film
Moviola and Moviescop Viewers, Fullcoat Sound
6 minutes
Channel C – Dainty
1998 / 1999
16mm Film, Digital Video
Video Projection, Speakers
8 minutes
Channel D – Oktoberfest
Digital Video
Video Display, Speakers
12 minutes
Channel E – Then and Now
Cirkut Camera, Digital Video
VR Headset with iPhone, Speakers
2 minutes
Channel F – A Tale of Two Artists
1997 / 2002
16mm Film, Digital Video
Video Display, Headphones
12 minutes
Channel G – Reflections on Germantown
Digital Video 
Video Display, Headphones
17 minutes
Channel H – Germantown, An Excerpt
2000 / 2017
Super 16mm Film
Video Projection, Speakers
20 minutes
The eight films in Fragments of a German American Mind: The Films of Konrad Mueller represent selected works about and by a fictional filmmaker. Ron Schildknecht mixes staged interviews, a dramatic film, documentaries, and archival photography in this collection which creates a portrait of a nonexistent artist. The films here are both “real” and “fictional,” calling attention to the artifice required in creating even the most seemingly authentic dramatic films and documentaries. The filmmaking endeavors and German heritage of the fictional Mueller are loosely based on Schildknecht’s own experiences and history. This fact encourages us to question the motivations of semi-autobiographical work and to consider why we, as humans, are driven to re-tell our own stories through the lenses of fiction and art.
Germantown Films presents Nicky Shane Lec Zorn Clancy Dixon
George Hauck  Martin Rollins  Gus Ballard Benjamin Porter Jeff Lomax
Mary Evans Lott  Sara Morsey Ingrid Schildknecht & Rev. Herman Naber
“Fragments of a German American Mind: The Films of Konrad Mueller”
Funded in part by Kentucky Arts Council
Kentucky Educational Television Kentucky Humanities Council
Kentucky Oral History Commission & Alderman Steve Magre
Photography Jennifer Tichenor  Richard Bram Ted Wathen  Anne Pecaro & Dennis Robinson
Directors of Photography Marcel Cabrera & Ron Schildknecht
DVD/Catalog Graphic Design Lori Larusso  Music by John Robinson
Associate Producer Sharon Colton
Written by Ron Schildknecht & Flora K. Schildknecht
Produced, Edited & Directed by Ron Schildknecht
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